Model SCD-SW Configuration & Monitoring Software

Works with 16G, 8G, 4G, 16B, 32B, 8B, 4B, 16C, 8C, 4C

Model SCD-SW Configuration & Monitoring Software works with Series 16G, 8G, 4G, 16B, 32B, 8B, 4B, 16C, 8C, 4C and SCD controllers (for PC Only).

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I have a LOVE 8C controller and am using the Controller Communication Utility (Model SCD-SW Configuration & Monitoring Software) to record data being sent to the PC through the USB cable. The data is displaying and recording, however all I can do to replay the data is to literally watch a video of the data as it was recorded. I am monitoring reactions that are hours long and it would be very helpful to model the data in Excel so that I can look at exotherms, manipulate the data quickly, etc. Is there a setting I am missing to export the data to time and temperature data points, or is this feature unavailable in the software. If unavailable, is there an update in the works to add the export data to excel function. Right now the software is slightly helpful, but not a strong "industry leading" type of software I would expect from Dwyer.
Version now supports exporting the logged data to a .csv file. Previous versions of the software do not support this feature.

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