Company Culture

One of the most important aspects to an organization (and deciding if it's the right company for you) is its corporate culture.

Several factors have influenced the culture at Dwyer Instruments. Our diverse customer base has allowed our organization to enjoy financial stability and remain debt free for the past forty years. This stability has shaped our organization to focus on long-term success where loyalty is valued and results are rewarded.

Dwyer Instruments was founded in Chicago in 1931 and has been headquartered out of Michigan City, Indiana for more than sixty-five years. Our Midwestern roots have also helped shaped our company. At Dwyer, you will find dedicated, helpful associates and a professional environment. With roughly 700 associates working globally at Dwyer, we are able to focus on developing our employees and truly value their efforts and ideas. You won't get lost in the shuffle at Dwyer and will be able to see how your direct contributions impact our organization's success.

Dwyer is also focused on growth. With a goal to double sales in the next five years, we are implementing new processes and best practices that will set our company up to expand our market share and become an industry leader with our technologies and value proposition. We have added dozens of new, highly talented members to our team over each of the past few years and look forward to welcoming more as we continue to grow. Our newer and longer-term associates have enjoyed getting in on the ground floor of these new innovations while increasing their own skill set and growth opportunities.

If you are looking for an organization that is proud of its traditions while keeping its eyes on the future, then Dwyer Instruments might be the company you're looking for.

- Tom Alexander, Director of Human Resources